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  Digital Publishing  
  Increased Readership - Customer Loyalty - Greater Revenue Opportunities  

With the decline in readership, advertising revenue and the high cost associated with traditional printed publications, digital publishing has emerged as a way for publications to make the transition to the web while providing tremendous advantages for the publisher.

Digital publications are produced at a significantly lower cost than traditional printed materials, provides the possibility to generate higher revenue along with attracting greater readership and customer loyalty.

Using flip page technology. Getalogo.com can now transform your traditional print publication from the dull read only pages to an easy to use web solution that will engage readers with features such as:

  • page flip technology
  • streaming audio and video
  • hyperlinked urls,
  • clickable email addresses 
  • clickable page links
  • Contextual search
  • Send emails from within pages
  • flash animation
  • Interactive advertising and much more

These exciting features will make your publication more stimulating to your readers, provide greater impact and interaction while simulating the look and feel of a traditional printed piece.

Digital publishing opens the door for the advertising revenue that is shifting away from printed publications.  This form of interactive ad delivery provides marketers with greater reach, better analytics and performance tracking.

Advertisers can obtain reports that tell them how well readers responded to their ad, which may assist them in designing future campaigns. Readers can send feedback and suggestions directly to the editor. In short the digital edition is an innovative and exciting way to make the experience interactive, interesting and rewarding.

Contact us today and let us show you how digital publishing can optimize your sales, marketing efforts and provide benefits to small, medium and large publications






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