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Dragon tini logo samplesHere is a case study of a logo for the Dragontini company brand.

The client wanted a logo to be used to represent their product line made from the dragon fruit. The dragon fruit (pitaya fruit) is an exotic cactus fruit that is mildly sweet, juicy, and crisp. The flesh is purple-red and contains small, edible black seeds. The client stressed the exotic nature of the fruit and it's bright vibrant colors. They choose our bronze package that consists of 3 logo samples, multi colors and concept delivers within 3-5 days.

After a series of rough sketches to get a general look and feel of the logo design, we then moved our ideas to the computer to further develop the concept.

Using Adobe Illustrator, we were then able to use different techniques to properly draw our ideas and styles add different fonts and colors to get a series of exotic looks to present to our client

After we are satisfied that we have samples that are a good representation of the clients request, we then present the different versions to the client for their feedback.

In most cases our clients are so satisfied with all the choices that are presented that they find it difficult to choose the one they like the most. We will make changes based on their input, sometimes combining elements from each design until they are satisfied with the final look.

We also allow the client to show the logos to different people as a form of testing so they can get feedback from the general public.

When a final choice is made, we then provide the satisfied client with all the different file formats that are suitable for printing and for use on the web.

The final logo brand becomes the property of the client and we just retain the right as designers to use it in our portfolio of logo designs.






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